Winningmood is suffering from an unknown allergic reaction

Three days ago Luciana Diniz wrote on her facebook that het top horse Winningmood  is currently suffering from an unknown allergic reaction of some sort and he wants to go back to show jumping but can't because of this. She wrote that she have tried everything - from allergy tests, a vinegar bath, changing the food and hay, and yet nothing seems to work. Luciana ask the help of her facebook readers to find a solution to this problem so Winny can go back to doing what he loves; Show jumping.

Today Luciana wrote that Winny had a promising day and his spots are getting smaller. She has him on homeopathic medication and he is consistently taking vinegar baths and he got a detox infusion. Luciana added that she will update tomorrow when the energy lady is coming to see him.

source: Luciana Diniz FB